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Jim Pietkivitch

Jim has been involved in music his whole life as a serious listener, performer and composer.   His music instructions began at the age of eleven when he learned the oboe.   Jim started playing piano when he took private lessons from Charles Mahdasian in 1978, followed by eight years of music instruction from Dean Murphy and well known jazz instructor, Al Clausen.   Jim started drumming in 1980 and took four years of private lessons from nationally known jazz drummer, Joe Pulice.   As a drummer, Jim was primarily involved with original progressive rock bands and an award winning-high school jazz ensemble.   In 1989,

Jim added synthesizers to his repertoire and released his debut recording, TWILIGHT DREAMS, in 1994.  Jim's professional career began when Ivory Moon Recordings re-released TWILIGHT DREAMS in 1995 to the national market. In 1997, Jim started the Electrofine Music recording label. SPIRAL JOURNEY, the labelís first release, received international recognition, national distribution, and was aired on NPR and public radio.  Jimís new album, INNER WORLDS, includes performances by vocalist and flutist, Melanie Lunsford, giving his music even wider appeal.

Melanie Lunsford

Melanie has been singing since the age of six in both group and solo performances and has been playing flute for over ten years.  Melanie is a certified vocal coach and has led various musical groups as a chorister and choir director.  She has lent her talents to various dramatic productions that involved her abilities as an actor as well as a musician.  Melanie loves to perform and desires to touch her listeners with her emotion and healing intent.

Jim at Freedom Studio  Click on picture to enlarge (Jim at Freedom Studio)

A word from Jim:

Electronic keyboards are often designed to synthesize acoustic instruments or other instruments like an electric organ, violin, or a guitar.   Often, these sounds are played and the listener may mistake them for the real thing.   The quality of sounds on the palette of synths today can easily produce quality music and allow the creation of a personal orchestra.   I understand why most synths are aimed to be successful in replicating or reproducing real instrument's, however, I get excited when the instrument allows me to be more creative and produce sounds from my imagination.   New opportunities can therefore open up to explore new music.   This is one reason why I really enjoy writing music with electronic instruments.

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