T W I L I G H T   D R E A M S

Twilight Dreams

Audio Samples

Underground Passage
Modern Times
Luna Lake
  a. Nightfall
  b. North Woods
  c. White Deer
Total Time

"Twilight Dreams" was inspired and created through the exploration of electronic music.  The music contained on this album is of instrumental compositions originating in the progressive electronic and ambient forms.

Underground Passage and Luna Lake are composed with layered synthesized sounds of strings, voices, flutes, synthpads, and ambient textures.   Slow in temp, the spirit of these tracks provides moods of peace and tranquility.

Transformation, Modern Times, and Cyber-Dream are very dynamic and energetic.  These three tracks utilize very lively percussion and innovative sounds to create powerful progressive electronic music.

Earthdance is a unique track combining Native American dance rhythm with well arranged synthesized orchestration to form a beautiful blend of music.

Released in 1995

Twilight Dreams Reviews

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  • Twilight Dreams

    "Time and a Word",  Winter 1995/96

    With Twilight Dreams, Jim Pietkivitch solidly establishes himself as a new and innovative artist in the world of New Age electronic music. Expertly conjured, composed, and performed by Pietkivitch, these six synthesized instrumentals combine progressive rock rhythms and ambient soundscapes connecting for a stimulating spectrum of musical moods. A good first effort from the artist, fans of synth masters like Jarre, Kit Watkins, or early prog icons like Camel or Genesis will find this a splendid listen.

    "New Age Voice",  December 1995, by Dan Liss

    Twilight Dreams invites the listener to embark on an inner journey. While "Underground Passage" taps a tranquil undercurrent with multilayered sounds of voices, flutes and strings, "Transformation" employs a hotter electronic edge to increase the energy level. "Luna Lake" uses natural and electronic sounds to create a tableau of stark beauty that evokes an eerie chill before resolving in a peaceful, mezmerizing fade-out. In this composition, he reflects our primal relationship with night and dreams; we both cherish and fear them. For these are the places we go every night when we surrender ourselves to rest and altered states of consciousness.

    "Rhythm & Jazz",  Nov/Dec 1995, Vol. 2, No 9 by Dan Margules

    Sampling of some of the many different faces electronic New Age has to offer. Each of the six extended tracks on TWILIGHT DREAMS explores a different style in the genre, opening with spacey ambient, progressing to lively and rhythmic, throwing in Native American elements on "Earthdance", getting industrial on "Modern Times", featuring electric lead guitar on the melodic "Cyber-Dream" and closing with a three-part suite that explores electronic simulations of nature sounds in rivers and forests. Hypnotic.

    Copyright (c) 1995 Dan Margules. All rights reserved.

    "Heartsong Review",  Spring/Summer 1995, by Don St Clair

    This is mostly progressive space music with a beat; likeable straightforward electronic music. "Earth Dance", is dramaticily underpinned with a hard driving 4/4 drum beat, with oversweeping heroic and dark horn section synthesizer melodies and washes. It has a purposeful feel, evocative of a more dreamy and deep Chariots of Fire type sound, recent Kitaro, or maybe some Windham Hill artist Mark Ishham's soundtrack themes. "Underground Passage" by contrast, is slow yet steady, more like breathing long and slow in and out. His use of sounds is rather true to the genre, swelling horn-like lead lines with string section echoes following along. Tranquil with bright edges to the darkness of the tone and feel, it does feel like a long journey underground to another realm. Luna Lake starts out gorgeously dark and mysterious. This 14 minute piece comes in three sections: Nightfall, North Woods, and White Deer. The darkness of the night enters into a more deep and spacious resevoir of quiet feeling. This is the dreamiest part of the album, absolutely gentle and light-filled. All in all, this album is a good meditation on the genre and very listenable and moves along rhythmicly in the classic form of space-rock music as listeners of Hearts of Space syndicated radio show may know it.

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    "IE Magazine",  Issue #8 1995, by Darren Bergstein

    New American synthesist Pietkivitch travels the length of the electronic music gamut on his agreeable debut. Moving capably between melodic environmental music ("Luna Lake"), surging techno-rock ("Cyber-Dream") and serene, plaintive soundscapes protecting themselves from new age chill ("Transformation," "Underground Passage"). Twilight Dreams can rightfully align itself next to the works of Mark Isham or Tim Story, as all three musicians favor simple but lushly phrased and expansive chords that wish to depict vast distances and miles yet to be journeyed. Pietkivitch proves the adage that it isn't the equipment that empowers the mind, but the ability and imagination.

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